Aerospace & Engineering

Regional security in Asia has been in a flux. The rising of 2 new Asian superpowers has further distorted international relations. The Spratly Islands issue, border security, nuclear debates, tsunamis, poverty, human trafficking, international money laundering, extremism and other arising regional socio-economic and political tensions are pressing considerations for stepping up security. Never before has Asia been in more limelight and global interest as it is today. Our understanding of the regional dynamics help international security and defence companies establish their presence in Asia and navigate through media landmine. We conduct media tours, manage media crises and use social media to expand communication reach to internal and external stakeholders.

Our clients include

  • Grundfos
  • Association of Aerospace Industries Singapore
  • Singapore Technologies Aerospace
  • Singapore Technologies Kinetics
  • Singapore Technologies Marine
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Jebsen & Jessen
  • QSS Safety Products
  • Deltafield

Construction & Real Estate

As commercial properties get bigger and better, ensuring strong tenant relationships has become as important as the provision of distinctive and productive business environments. We understand that the delivery of value-added services must be accompanied by effective communications that is relevant and engaging to specific groups of tenants. That is why we offer fresh thinking on B2B and tenant communications – from online engagement to newsletters and marketing activities involving creative advertisements.

  • CapitaLand Retail China Trust
  • Our clients include

    • Frasers Property Limited
    • CapitaLand Commercial Trust
    • CapitaLand Mall Trust
    • CapitaLand Retail China Trust
    • Ascott Residence Trust
    • UIC
    • Far East Hospitality Trust
    • Ascendas
    • UEM Sunrise

    Design & Lifestyle

    SMEs are the backbone enterprises of any economy, providing numerous essential services and products to support the local demands. Many of the SMEs we work with are in the design and lifestyle sectors where creativity and originality rather than economy of scale and organisation are the name of the game. We work with these players in the creative industry to provide quality marketing and communication expertise to help them or their clients fulfil their communication needs. From the design and creation of corporate identity and websites, to market research, product brochures and corporate slides, we customise solutions to maximise budget and achieve business results. Let our professional team support your marketing and corporate communications today.

    Our clients include

    • Moxie Design
    • Lins Advertising
    • Equus Design
    • Digital Alchemy (Singapore)
    • Markers & Brushes
    • Meta Fusion
    • Mandate Advertising International
    • FDR Concepts


    Education is currently one of the fastest growing industries in Asia. It will remain a major industry as many Asian countries are focusing on competency and human capital development to build up their middle class. The potential for growth is tremendous, ranging from basic technical skills development and public education to preschool education, supplementary courses all the way to tertiary education.

    Our clients include

    • Singapore Management University
    • Nanyang Technological University
    • NTU-National Institute of Education
    • S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies
    • National University of Singapore
    • SIM Global Education
    • Ngee Ann Polytechnic
    • Institute of Technical Education

    Financial & Professional Services

    Business research, analytics and professional consultancies are gaining momentum in Asia. More Asian businesses, especially family-owned businesses and small-and-medium enterprises are professionalising their services to attract new capital and investors. Overseas companies looking to invest in Asia depend on the sound macroeconomic analysis, reliable market data and deep industry insights of these reports to support their decisions. Professional consultancies have to showcase their expertise and value proposition, and use all channels to reach out to customers looking for quality services.

    Our clients include

    • Singapore Exchange
    • Singapore National Employers Federation
    • Hay Group
    • Great Eastern Life Assurance
    • Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank
    • Bank Mandiri (Indonesia)
    • Communications Management (UK)
    • Accenture
    • KPMG
    • NTUC Income

    Food & Agriculture

    From escalating populations to global interests in biofuel, the surging demand for agricultural commodities is here to stay. Today, transparency on sustainable environmental policies and responsible farming practices differentiates operators in this high-growth industry. Furthermore, it is robust investor relations and impactful shareholder communications that enable agribusiness owners to enjoy higher premiums in the commodities market. Our clients have discovered how organised publicity and succinct annual reports can create the right impression with investors and shareholders.

    Our clients include

    • Delfi Limited
    • PT Indofood CBP (Indonesia)
    • PT Indofood Sukses Makmur (Indonesia)
    • Wilmar International
    • Bakerzin
    • BreadTalk Group
    • Synerchem (Malaysia)
    • Bestari (Malaysia)
    • Eu Yan Sang

    Government & NGO

    A key function of the government sector is to communicate to the public, whom it serves. Different messages are conveyed each step of the way from the ministers’ speeches on policy directions to the final content and procedures on the websites and pamphlets. This is an ongoing process as the policy and environment evolve. It is critical to align cascading communications with the core message, which has to be clear and simple. Messages are further enhanced for retention using interesting stories that resonate with the public. The objectives are not just to garner public cooperation and convey national priorities. Successful publicity can bring an idea beyond the tipping point and transform perception and attitude en masse.

    Our clients include

    • SPRING Singapore
    • ContactSingapore
    • Economic Development Board
    • IE Singapore
    • Ministry of Defence
    • Ministry of Manpower
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Monetary Authority of Singapore
    • Prime Minister's Office
    • Royal Danish Embassy
    • Royal Norwegian Embassy
    • MediaCorp
    • Community Chest


    Healthcare remains a top priority for governments. As a hub for medical tourism, specialist institutions in Singapore are positioning themselves to reach out to overseas markets. Locally however, the complex systems surrounding this all-important industry often stands in the way of effective patient and public communications. We have been supporting healthcare organisations in Singapore through educational campaigns, media engagement efforts and commemorative publications. Through relevant contents and human-interest stories, we help our clients to make healthcare friendlier and more accessible.

    Our clients include

    • National Heart Centre Singapore
    • MOH Holdings
    • Bright Vision Hospital
    • Health Promotion Board
    • HMI Institute of Health Services
    • Menarini Asia Pacific

    Hospitality & Travel

    Asia is a hotbed for travel, an exotic destination with vibrant cultures, heritage, food and attractions. Our background in the tourism industry gives clients a first hand advantage on brand positioning in a competitive market place. Through multiple stakeholder engagement platform such as websites, sales kits, marketing brochures and annual reports, we help organisations in the travel and tourism sector interpret their brands clearly and persuasively, and increase mindshare among today’s discerning travellers.

    Our clients include

    • PARKROYAL Hotels & Resorts
    • Raffles Hotels & Resorts
    • Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts
    • Holiday Inn Singapore
    • InterContinental Hotels Group
    • Sentosa Development Corporation


    The pace of economic development and rising affluence has made the technology sector among Asia’s fastest growing industries. Technology companies are challenged to differentiate themselves from competition, reach target customers and learn to use new social media channels to get more business.

    Our clients include

    • eGovernment Leadership Centre
    • IBM
    • Nikon
    • RSA
    • Starhub
    • ST Electronics
    • Stiky Hive

    Logistics & Transport

    Solutions marketing has given way to insights marketing. Businesses have to run in a sustainable and responsible manner. While traditional channels like print and news media remain a trusted source, social media may be exploited to improve market reach, create business leads and maintain customer base. We’ve helped US, European and ASEAN companies augment their market presence and make inroads into Asia’s exciting markets through PR opportunities and business leads for local collaboration.

    Our clients include

    • AET
    • ST Synthesis
    • I.M. Freight
    • Pan Asia Logistics
    • Scania
    • Sembcorp
    • Seng Heng Engineering