Clearly Cactus

Effective communication drives behaviours, develops strong brands and creates new markets and wealth for organisations. Whether it is to motivate employees or project brand identity to external stakeholders, great communication can only come from clear messaging.

This is what sets Cactus Communications apart - we understand our customers, the motivation behind their communication needs and how they define business success. We appraise situations with fresh eyes, and consider the impact of communication strategies from end-customer experience, business profitability and branding angles.

Driven by quality outcomes

We excel in building trusted relationships with people, formulating sound strategies that factor recent trends and technology, and imparting sensible advice that comes from decades of work and project experience with government organisations, multinationals and local enterprises. By harnessing the full potential of every publicity opportunity, we are able to ensure the right message is delivered and registered with our target audience to bring about the intended transformation in perception and behaviours.

We use a proven methodology to develop valuable contents that enable organisations to build successful brands and deliver effective communication.


  • Contextualisation
  • Research
  • Expert review
  • Ideation
  • Pleanning & modeling
  • Test group survey
  • Other sources of public feedback


  • Messaging
  • Alignment
  • Test group
  • Proofread
  • Endorsement


  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Prints
  • Videos & webcast
  • Interactive Media
  • Personal Mobile Devices
  • Events & Exhibitions


  • Public Perception Survey
  • Outcome-driven indicators (hit rates, page views, media coverage, turnout, circulations, etc.)
  • Actual take-up route
  • Feedback

Defined by personalised service

Above all, we focus on deliverables that meet business objectives. Our customers’ satisfaction comes from involved partnerships, personalised service and tangible results. We derive deep satisfaction working alongside our customers to identify topics of interest for different audience and translate abstract ideas and values into simple, persuasive messages.  

“Thinking in our customers’ shoes" means considering things in the interest and from the point of view of our customers at all times. We share the responsibility and results of the communication plan with our customers. This includes creating responsible messages, designing sustainable communication programmes and managing the project budget.

Motivated by strong ethics

Customer care also involves operating ethically and transparently, as our actions are often an extension of the customer's.  We are uncompromising in observing the local laws, especially those on intellectual property and data privacy, as an added assurance to our customers that their communications are always in safe hands.  For many of them, we are proud to have become part of their in-house team. 

Operating out of Singapore, Cactus Communications manages a small but strong team of talented resources to address the communications needs of our Asia Pacific customers. We are motivated by the vision to help companies achieve success in their corporate and public communications.

Good communication goes by many names. Our customers and partners simply call it Cactus Communications.

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